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Mr. And Mrs. W.A. Alcorn
Margaret Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Bower
Millie Barker
Margaret Budicke
Julia Caughell
Mr., Mrs. Earnest Cassel
Mr., Mrs. A.M. Campbell
Mr., Mrs. Don M. Chase
R.H. Cross
Gertrude Drysdale
Fay Duffy
Margaret Duffy
Ruth Turner Drury
Laura Ducey
Mr. Mrs. B.C. Endert
Mr. Mrs. E. F. Endert
Ellen M. Estes
Lola Finley
Howard Griffin
Charlotte Gleason
C.M. Goethe
Mr., Mrs. Austin Griggs
Mr. Mrs. C.E. Hight
William Horn
Doug. Hayes
Mr. Mrs. Allen Lehman
Frances Walton
Eleanor Layman
Scott Lehman
E.J. Murphy
Margaret Marhofer
Prudence Muncy
Bertha Moore
Bess Maxwell
Mr., Mrs. Mclendon
Thelma McVay
Mr., Mrs. Noce
Melton Nielsen
Flora O’Donnell
Gladys Price
Mrs. Drury Rice
Lottie Raymond
Esther R. Smith
Hannah Smith
Belle Schroeder
Ella Stults
Georgie Spence
Mr, Mrs. H.R. Stobbe
Mr, Mrs. C. Thielen
Celia Tryon
Dr. E.H Thompson
Mr.,Mrs. A.F. Vandeventer
Mr.Mrs. M.L. Van Meter
Catherine Ward

If your name is not listed above, and you are a member, or if you wish to become a member, please send your dollar to our Treasurer, A. F. Vandeventer, Fort Dick, California, or pay at the meeting on July tenth.

We urge you not only to keep your own membership active, but also to bring others into the Society. Many people do not know that membership is open to all who are interested. Invite others, please.

Bring your own table service, and some food, and come and enjoy the dinner Tuesday, July 10, 6:30 p.m. at the Federated Community Church.


We are all hoping that the launching of the Light House Museum under Mrs. Vandeventer’s term of office on an active basis will prove but the beginning of continuous progress in the field of historical matters. Our next meeting, in place of our regular June and July meetings, will be on July 10 as announced in the adjoining column.

Our esteemed “ex-pres” Ruby Vandeventer will report on the Conference of California Historical Societies which she recently attended. “Whit” Wittinghill, our Curator, will report on the Light House activities. A wonderful surprise will be presented by your President. Other matters including a proposed exhibit at the County Fair and then Editor’s plans for a publication, will be discussed.

SEE YOU JULY 10! (I hope!)


We still are looking for home furnishing of the latter half of the 19th century to put in the Light House. If you have any furniture, pictures, dishes, etc. of that period please call Emily Stobbe (8074) or Don Chase (683) who will inform the museum advisory committee.


Notice the Tide Sheet on the reverse side made out by Mr. Whittinghill to guide you on your trips to the Light House this summer. Fold it on the lines to make a handy four page booklet. The sheet has been distributed to various places in town for the tourists.

Transcription of Back
Important Announcement!

The Historical Crescent City Light Station-off Battery Point- is now open to the public & visitors are cordially invited to visit this beautiful and interesting maritime monument. Now nearing its century mark of service, established for the safety of the sea navigators, it remains in a remarkably fine state of preservation today.

A robot light is now maintained by the U. S. Coast Guard and guiding and safety-guarding flashes of far reaching light-beams carry on the service that had its beginning on December the 10th, 1856.

Visitors are requested to respect the signs posted on the Government property-particularly at the entrance to the area- but you are assured of the right to enter and use of the trail leading to the LIGHTHOUSE MUSEUM.

Shown hereafter are TIME TABLES- for JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER- showing the days and hours during which the trail “across the sea” is open through the low tide stages. MUSEUM open daily- 8 AM to 8PM. A visit to the Lighthouse will be an experience long to be remembered.