Lighthouse Collections

Battery Point Lighthouse is perhaps the most visited structure in all of Del Norte County in spite of the fact it is only accessible at low tide. The rest of the day it is an island located just offshore of Crescent City at the foot of ‘A’ Street.

The first oil lamp was lit on December 10, 1856. The Lighthouse still serves as a private aid to navigation, kept and maintained by the Del Norte County Historical Society which staffs the Lighthouse with keepers year round. Tours include a climb to the lighthouse tower where a Fifth Order Drumm lens, still operational and maintained by our keepers, is in use. The tour of the residence includes looks into each of the residence rooms where original furniture often crafted by keepers many years ago is still in use. Most of the artifacts on display are from Battery Point Lighthouse’s over 150-year history.

Be sure to plan your visit to the Lighthouse while in Crescent City while the tides are out. The Island is open to the public whenever the tide permits, however, Battery Point Lighthouse is only open for tours to the public as announced each year during the months of April through September, and again, only during certain hours, tide permitting. Generally, the days Battery Point Lighthouse is open will be Wednesday through Sunday.

IMPORTANT NOTES: There are no public restrooms or toilets available at Battery Point Lighthouse or on the Island. There is a public restroom in the City Parking Lot located at the foot of ‘A’ Street.

Access to the island is by walking across a sandy beach and some rocks. Please use caution at all times, even during low tides, watching out for “sneaker waves” and allow yourself plenty of time to travel to and from the Island during low tides and before any incoming tides cover the access way to the Island.

Children should not be unattended on or near Battery Point Lighthouse and the island and beach areas. Dangerous waves and a rocky shoreline, while picturesque, can be very hazardous at any time during the day, during high or low tides.

No cameras or photographs are allowed inside the Battery Point Lighthouse Museum.

The wedding policy for the lighthouse is available online here.